About Our Business


We offer a useful new approach for appraising technology, and an important guide for decision-making in technology investment, transfer and commercialisation. Our valuation service can be used in the following scenarios for different users:


If you just start your business and want to attract more financing, OxValue.AI will give you an accurate and quick valuation of your technologies.

Innovation Team

Innovation teams
If you want to transfer your technology and estimate the value of a patent(s), OxValue.AI will help you get a fair valuation.


If you want to identify investment-worthy projects and make decisions, OxValue.AI will help you evaluate start-ups and innovation teams.


Large Enterprises & Global Corporations

OxValue.AI can aid investment and acquisition and is particularly useful for suppliers and business partners in economically deprived zones within developed countries, or across developing countries.

Financial Services Institutions

OxValue.AI can help investors and research analysts in Venture Capital (VC), Private Equity (PE) and Investment Banks (IB) to value technology in a manner that is fair and transparent to both parties, and help Commercial Banks to conduct the pledge of intellectual property.

International Organisations

OxValue.AI can aid budgeting, and facilitate technology transfer through accurate and transparent estimations of the underlying technologies. Helping IP management companies and patent offices identify high-value patents.

Governments and Academic Institutions

OxValue.AI can aid GDP accounting and knowledge valuation by using a widely accepted and accredited tool that can improve the estimation of GDP by including the value of knowledge production. It also helps to identify high-growth small firms or innovation projects with high potential that need support.