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Global Innovation Index 2022 launched

20 Nov 2022

Global Innovation Index 2022 launched

Industry news— According to the GII 2022, Switzerland is the most innovative economy in the world in 2022 - for the 12th year in a row - followed by the United States, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. China is nearing the top 10 (ranks 11th) while Türkiye and India enter the top 40 for the first time.

As the report says: "Conventions regarding the estimation of GDP (and national accounts more broadly) are updated every two decades or so to reflect a changing economy. Nevertheless, several measurement problems stand out. " One of the issues is "the imperfect way intangible asset investments are accounted for". The report gives the suggestion that "work toward the better measurement of intangible assets, in particular so as to better cover the full spectrum of these assets, including design, product development and economic competencies, as well as brand, organizational capital and training, which are all still treated as intermediate inputs and thus go unmeasured".

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