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Navigating AIGC: Expert Insights from OxValue.AI

21 Aug 2023

Navigating AIGC: Expert Insights from OxValue.AI
Company News - On August 18th, Professor Xiaolan Fu, the founder of OxValue.AI, alongside Dr. Ning Wang, the Chief Scientist, participated in a discussion on Artificial Intelligence Generated Content (AIGC) at X Space. Their presence was courtesy of an invitation from GPT DAO, the world's leading Generative AI decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) based in Silicon Valley. The focus of this discussion was a deep insight into AIGC amidst the wave of rapid acceleration. Centred on the revolutionary era and social innovations brought about by generative artificial intelligence, both Prof. Fu and Dr. Wang shared their perspectives.
Prof. Fu highlighted the transformative impacts of the swift advancements in AI and large language models on socio-economic development. She asserted that fostering the growth of AIGC is pivotal and aligning with the path of technological progress is essential for embracing the future. When it comes to policy and regulation, she stressed the importance of championing open technological development, creating incentive structures, and motivating innovators and scientists to prioritize "AI for good" to advance sustainable development. Additionally, Prof. Fu provided insights into the progression of OxValue.AI’s technology valuation algorithm, underscoring its efficacy and precision. She further stressed OxValue.AI's continued dedication to the exploration and application of generative AI in valuation. OxValue.AI has made significant progress in data collection, visual data presentation, and smart report generation. 
Dr. Wang began by revisiting the history of AI development, expressing that we are currently in the golden age of artificial intelligence development. He also emphasized the importance of privacy protection during the AI development process, stating that a balance between privacy protection and AI development needs to be found in the future. He also mentioned that transparency, interpretability, and biases in AI development are issues that require collaborative societal efforts and interdisciplinary research to resolve.
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About OxValue.AI
Originating from the University of Oxford, OxValue.AI is at the forefront of innovative technology valuation. The organization is dedicated to integrating technology valuation with AIGC, emphasizing the importance of aligning technological advancements with open and sustainable development initiatives. The company benefits from the guidance of leading policymakers and academics in AI. Learn more about the OxValue.AI team here
About Professor Xiaolan Fu
Professor Xiaolan Fu, the founder of OxValue.AI, serves as a Professor of Technology and International Development at the University of Oxford and is a distinguished Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences. She is also the Founding Director of the Technology and Management Centre for Development (TMCD).
Professor Fu is renowned for her extensive work and contributions to innovation, technology policy, and management, with a focus on valuation, knowledge transfer, inclusive development, and green innovation. She has authored several influential books and has been recognized with awards for her groundbreaking research. Appointed by the Secretary-General to the Governing Council of the Technology Bank of the United Nations, she remains a significant influence in shaping global technology policy and development. Professor Fu has shared her insights at international forums like the World Intelligence Congress and the Pujiang Forum, discussing AI and its implications. She is scheduled to present at the World Investment Forum this coming October and at WIPO’s forum in November.
About Dr. Ning Wang 
Dr. Ning Wang is the Deputy Director at the Oxford-Octa Laboratory in Digital Economics. He also works as the Senior Research Fellow in Data Science at the Oxford-NIE financial Big Data Lab, Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford. Prior to Oxford, he was a postdoctoral researcher at the Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge. His research interest lies in machine/deep learning in finance, social media and mobile trading platform, online sentiment analysis and financial market, trading behaviours and performance evaluation.
GPT DAO is the world's leading Generative AI community. It originated in Silicon Valley and is driven by a passionate coalition of developers, entrepreneurs, and investors. GPT DAO seeks to foster collaboration, innovation, and a shared vision for the future in the Generative AI era. It hosted the Generative AI Silicon Valley Summit 2023, attended by over 1500 speakers and participants from leading AI firms, including Microsoft and OpenAI.