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OxValue.AI Announces Exceptional Performance of Its Resource-Intensive Industry Valuation Models

19 Dec 2023

OxValue.AI Announces Exceptional Performance of Its Resource-Intensive Industry Valuation Models

Oxford, UK, 19th December 2023

OxValue.AI is thrilled to announce that our valuation models for the resource-intensive industry have demonstrated exceptional performance. The accuracy rate of our models using machine learning algorithm has now consistently exceeded 90%. This significant breakthrough showcases OxValue.AI's leading position in the field of technology valuation.
At OxValue.AI, we are continually striving to update our models by incorporating cutting-edge methodologies and data. Our commitment is to provide accurate, objective, and cost-effective valuation services to our clients across various industries. This latest development underscores our dedication to innovation and reinforces our promise to deliver exceptional value and reliability to our clients. 


Models for firm under different scenarios 

Figures (a) to (d) represent various firm scenarios, demonstrating that our models consistently exhibit strong explanatory power with both training and testing data.


About OxValue.AI 
OxValue.AI provides a practical and effective set of tools for valuing technology and startups. Developed from over eight years of intensive research by experienced academics, our methodology merges a distinctive theoretical model with sophisticated machine learning methods. Leveraging exclusive data collected over twenty years, we offer rapid, accurate, and impartial evaluations of the inherent value of technology.
About Professor Xiaolan Fu 
Professor Xiaolan Fu, holding the position of Professor of Technology and International Development at the University of Oxford, is internationally renowned for her expertise in innovation, technology policy, and management. As the Founding Director of the Technology and Management Centre for Development (TMCD) and a distinguished member of the Academy of Social Sciences, her wide-ranging research covers areas such as valuation, knowledge transfer, inclusive growth, and green innovation. Her significant achievements in these fields have garnered her multiple awards and the prestigious role of a member of the Governing Council of the Technology Bank of the United Nations. 
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