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OxValue.AI Forges Strategic Technology Valuation Partnership with Beijing IP

15 Dec 2023

OxValue.AI Forges Strategic Technology Valuation Partnership with Beijing IP
Oxford, UK, 14th December 2023
OxValue.AI, the technology innovator spun out from the University of Oxford, proudly announces a landmark strategic partnership. A Technology Valuation Cooperation Agreement with Beijing Intellectual Property Operations Management Co., Ltd. ("Beijing IP"), was formalised on 7th December 2023 by Professor Xiaolan Fu, the company's visionary founder.
Beijing IP, established in July 2014, is a pioneering state-owned enterprise specialising in intellectual property operations, mandated by the Chinese government. It is celebrated for being the first dedicated industrial and commercial IP registration agency, and for its role in nurturing high-value rights in collaboration with key governmental bodies. Its strategic importance includes its part in Zhongguancun Development Group's vision to establish a platform servicing a global innovation ecosystem.
This historic agreement signifies a strategic step in harnessing technology as a catalyst for innovation and economic development. It highlights the growing importance of technology valuation in the global economic landscape, positioning the partnership as a pivotal milestone in the evolution of China's technological capabilities.
Picture from Beijing IP 
OxValue.AI's Chief Business Officer Jiandang (Geroge) Wang visited Beijing IP office
About OxValue.AI
OxValue.AI offers a pragmatic and efficient suite of tools for technology and startup valuation. Rooted in over eight years of dedicated research by senior academics, our approach combines a unique theoretical framework with advanced machine learning techniques. Utilizing proprietary data spanning two decades, we deliver swift, precise, and unbiased assessments of technology's intrinsic value.
About Professor Xiaolan Fu  
Professor Xiaolan Fu, Professor of Technology and International Development at the University of Oxford, is a globally recognized authority in innovation, technology policy, and management. As the Founding Director of the Technology and Management Centre for Development (TMCD) and a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences, her extensive research encompasses valuation, knowledge transfer, inclusive development, and green innovation. Professor Fu's contributions have earned her numerous accolades and the honour of serving on the Governing Council of the Technology Bank of the United Nations.
About Beijing IP
Beijing IP, integral to the Zhongguancun Development Group, has been active since 2014. It has managed over 32,000 high-quality patents and achieved more than 1 billion yuan in intellectual property financing services. Zhongguancun Development Group is dedicated to fostering high-tech industries and technological innovation, with Beijing IP as a central player. As a premier intellectual property service provider in China, Beijing IP not only furthers Beijing's role as an international technology innovation hub but also stands at the forefront of advancing China's intellectual property operations.
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