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OxValue.AI Founder Prof. Xiaolan Fu speaks at the 8th UN STI Forum

16 May 2023

OxValue.AI Founder Prof. Xiaolan Fu speaks at the 8th UN STI Forum

Company News - Professor Xiaolan Fu, respected founder of OxValue.AI, was invited to attend the 8th Multi-stakeholder Forum on Science, Technology, and Innovation for the Sustainable Development Goals (STI Forum) held at the United Nations Headquarters from May 2-4, 2023.

Professor Xiaolan Fu contributed to the dialogue at the "Creating Resilience and Sustainable Innovations through Emerging Technologies" side event and the dedicated "STI in Africa Day." Her remarks during the forum's concluding session highlighted the potential of OxValue.AI's emerging technologies to catalyze resilience and sustainable innovation in developing countries. For more information about the STI Forum, please visit here

About OxValue.AI
OxValue.AI is a technology spin-off company from the University of Oxford that provides an efficient and practical set of industry tools for technology and startup valuation. It offers a differentiated approach to valuation using a methodology developed by senior academics for more than eight years. A novel theoretical framework is combined with machine learning, and uses proprietary samples of around 20 years of global data to produce fast, accurate and objective assessments of a technology's worth.
About Professor Xiaolan Fu
Professor Xiaolan Fu, founder of OxValue.AI, is a Professor of Technology and International Development at the University of Oxford, a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences, and the Founding Director of the Technology and Management Centre for Development (TMCD).
She has authored several books and received awards for her research on innovation, technology policy, and management. Her research interests include valuation, knowledge transfer, inclusive development, and green innovation. She was appointed by the Secretary-General to the Governing Council of the Technology Bank of the United Nations.