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OxValue.AI Founder Professor Xiaolan Fu Attends WIPO's Regional Capacity Building on AI and IP Conference

27 Jun 2024

OxValue.AI Founder Professor Xiaolan Fu Attends WIPO's Regional Capacity Building on AI and IP Conference

Geneva, Switzerland - June 25, 2024

Professor Xiaolan Fu, founder of OxValue.AI and professor at the University of Oxford's Department of International Development, attended the "Regional Capacity Building on AI and IP" conference organized by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

 The conference, held in Geneva, aimed to strengthen capacity building in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI) and intellectual property (IP) in Latin America and the Caribbean, promoting innovation and IP protection in the region.

 On the second day of the conference, Professor Fu delivered a speech sharing the innovations and practices of the OxValue.AI technology valuation platform. Notably, this is the third time OxValue.AI has been invited by WIPO to present its valuation methods and platform at an international conference. As the only invited speaker to present an IP valuation tool on a global scale, she demonstrated how AI enables precise, objective, and efficient evaluation of the economic value of technology. She also delved into the latest advancements in AI technology, explored the impact of AI on the IP legal system, and proposed strategies to integrate AI innovation with IP protection.


The conference brought together IP experts, scholars, policymakers, and industry leaders from around the world to discuss how AI empowers IP innovation and how to better protect and utilize IP in a globalized context.

 Professor Fu's participation showcased her deep expertise in the fields of AI and IP, providing valuable insights and recommendations for Latin America and the Caribbean. Her perspectives and experiences are significant for advancing policy-making and practice in AI and IP in the region.

 The three-day conference features a series of lectures, workshops, and interactive sessions, offering attendees an in-depth understanding of the convergence of AI and IP and exploring how these technologies can drive social and economic development.

 Professor Fu said, "I am delighted to participate in this important conference and exchange ideas with experts from diverse backgrounds. I believe that through our collective efforts, we can pave new pathways for the development of AI and IP, contributing to the global innovation ecosystem."



About OxValue.AI 

OxValue.AI is a pioneering technology spin-off from the University of Oxford. Specializing in AI-empowered valuation methods, OxValue.AI provides accurate and dependable solutions, employing comprehensive databases and industry-specific AI algorithms developed for various sectors. 


About Professor Xiaolan Fu 

Professor Xiaolan Fu, founder of OxValue.AI, is a Professor of Technology and International Development at the University of Oxford, a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences, and the Founding Director of the Technology and Management Centre for Development (TMCD). Professor Fu is renowned for her extensive work and contributions to innovation, technology policy, and management. She has authored influential works, including China’s Path to Innovation, and has been a pivotal figure in high-level international forums such as the World Economic Forum and the World Investment Forum. 


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