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OxValue.AI signs an agreement on AI-empowered cultural data asset system

19 Sep 2023

OxValue.AI signs an agreement on AI-empowered cultural data asset system
Company News- On September 15, 2023, Professor Xiaolan Fu, founder of OxValue.AI, attended a symposium in Chengdu, China. The symposium, focusing on digital asset valuation within the cultural industry, attracted a distinguished assembly of industry experts and academics from across China. At the symposium, OxValue.AI secured a cooperation agreement to launch an AI-empowered project for cultural data assessment with China Digital Library Co., Ltd., Sichuan Province Cultural Big Data Ltd., and Beijing Shuwujinzang DataFi Co., Ltd.
This pivotal agreement marks a collaborative endeavour to usher in AI technology, enabling intelligent valuation of cultural digital assets. It underscores OxValue.AI’s commitment to enhancing deep integration of data in the cultural industry and propelling the circulation of data elements in this realm.
OxValue.AI, leading the charge in leveraging advanced AI technology, is enhancing valuation methodologies across diverse sectors, with a spotlight on the significant influence of the cultural industry in this innovative evolution. Equipped with AI-enhanced valuation services, we are strategically positioned to extend our reach, foreseeing significant growth and strengthened alliances across a multitude of sectors, marking the advent of a new epoch in digital asset valuation.
About OxValue.AI
OxValue.AI, a technological spin-off from the University of Oxford, offers a suite of pragmatic valuation tools specifically designed for technology and startups. We present a distinct approach to valuation, serving startups and innovation teams across various sectors. Our goal is to revolutionise technology valuation, ensuring it's accurate, accessible, and affordable. 
About Professor Xiaolan Fu
Professor Xiaolan Fu, the founder of OxValue.AI, serves as a Professor of Technology and International Development at the University of Oxford and is a respected Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences. She is also the Founding Director of the Technology and Management Centre for Development (TMCD).
Her academic interests are broad, covering innovation and technology management and policy, trade, foreign direct investment, and economic development. Professor Fu has received research grants from prestigious entities including the ESRC, EPSRC, British Academy, and the European Commission. She has been appointed by the United Nations Secretary-General to the Governing Council of the UN Technology Bank and the Ten-Member High-Level Advisory Group of the UN Technology Facilitation Mechanism.
About China Digital Library Co., Ltd
China Digital Library Co., Ltd, an affiliate of the National Library of China, excels in the development and promotion of pivotal digital resource technologies. It focuses on digital copyright management, digital processing, and the provision of professional information, e-government, and e-commerce services. The company offers comprehensive digital content solutions and end-to-end digital library solutions, striving to build an integrated digital library service platform.
About Sichuan Province Cultural Big Data Co., Ltd
Sichuan Province Cultural Big Data Co., Ltd is responsible for developing and managing the Sichuan Province Cultural Big Data Centre and the Sichuan Province Cultural Data Service Platform. Its primary focus is on the aggregation, application, trading, and governance of cultural data resources. The company is devoted to establishing a comprehensive cultural big data system for Sichuan province, aiming to support the region's digital cultural public services and industrial development.
About Beijing Shuwujinzang DataFi Co., Ltd.
Beijing Shuwujinzang DataFi Co., Ltd. provides a comprehensive set of data asset services for various enterprises, institutions, and government units. It boasts an expert team that successfully completed the first pilot project for data assetisation in Beijing, making it the first data asset financial service provider to establish a comprehensive process encompassing data governance, rights confirmation, evaluation, assetisation, and financing.