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Prof. Fu speaks at the 16th Pujiang Innovation Forum

13 Sep 2023

Prof. Fu speaks at the 16th Pujiang Innovation Forum
Company News - From September 9th to 11th, 2023, Professor Xiaolan Fu, founder of OxValue.AI, was invited to attend the 16th Pujiang Innovation Forum, themed “Fostering an Open Innovation Environment: Innovation and Global Connections," in Shanghai, China.
Prof. Fu delivered a speech at the sub-forum "Innovation System and Technology Evaluation" and participated in the panel discussion. Her speech centred on the AI-empowered technology valuation method. Prof. Fu introduced the utility theory used in OxValue.AI’s valuation tool, emphasising the extensive and specific database and the customised AI algorithms developed for each industry.
The Pujiang Innovation Forum is co-sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China and the Shanghai Municipal Government. It attracts over 300 experts and scholars from international organisations, top universities, research institutions, and the industrial sector from 32 countries and regions, including China, Brazil, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, and France.
About OxValue.AI
OxValue.AI is a pioneering technology spin-off from the University of Oxford. Specializing in AI-empowered valuation methods, OxValue.AI provides accurate and dependable solutions, employing comprehensive databases and industry-specific AI algorithms developed for various sectors. The company is committed to fostering open innovation and global connections, contributing to international dialogues on innovation systems and technology evaluation, and emphasizing the importance of accurate, accessible, and affordable technology valuation in the global innovation landscape.
About Professor Xiaolan Fu
Professor Xiaolan Fu, the founder of OxValue.AI, holds the title of Professor of Technology and International Development at the University of Oxford and is a distinguished Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences. She also serves as the Founding Director of the Technology and Management Centre for Development (TMCD).
Professor Fu is renowned for her extensive work and contributions to innovation, technology policy, and management. She has authored influential works, including China’s Path to Innovation, and has been a pivotal figure in high-level international forums such as the World Economic Forum and the United Nations STI Forum. She has received numerous awards for her insights and expertise and remains a prominent voice in the field, with a scheduled appearance at the 8th World Investment Forum in October 2023.
About Pujiang Innovation Forum
The Pujiang Innovation Forum is China’s premier annual innovation conference. It was jointly founded by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government in 2008. With a focus on innovation, the forum is dedicated to establishing a platform for the exchange of innovative development ideas, dissemination of advanced concepts, communication of academic insights, and interaction among government, industry, universities, and institutions.